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To think and grow in grace is to develop the capacity for right believing and right thinking which ultimately manifest into right living. This book will reveal the power of resting in God’s grace as it relates to everyday matters of life concerning reconciliation, adversity, dating, healing, God’s goodness, mental health, wealth, and forgiveness just to name a few topics. Think and Grow In Grace also has positive proverb like words of affirmation at the end of each chapter that will highlight a powerful pathway paved with the hope to keep moving forward in God’s grace and power.


This book will provide a pathway to God’s amazing grace with 30 days of powerful, spirit-filled lessons and quotes by the author. Aggressively experience and step into the freedom of no condemnation as strongholds are broken by God’s life-giving message of grace.




This book will show you how to receive freedom from the spirit of condemnation as you discover your true grace-filled identity in Christ. This insightful book has simple yet powerful lessons consisting of daily inspiration and thoughts for the day solely for the purpose of encountering God’s grace.    




Thought for the day

“The more pressure life brings, be confident that God’s grace responds to pressure by producing diamonds in your spiritual growth i.e. love, patience,  forgiveness, kindness and more grace.” – Lionel

Part 3 – “Can religion cause PTSD or RTS?”

What you are suffering from is real, and it is possible for religion(s) to be a trigger to PTSD. If you struggle with trauma as a result of your previous religion, this could be a life-changing experience for you. Believe it or not, religious teachings and practices sometimes cause serious mental health damage, which as a result can cause RTS (religious trauma syndrome)

If you have walked away from a man-made, restrictive, mind-controlling religion, (as I did Christianity) this episode is for YOU!