Faith That moves God


Quick bible study on having  faith

Luke 1:26-38

  • You are highly favored and the Lord is with you (what did I do to deserve it?)
  • Do not be afraid (typical reaction to angels was intense fear)
  • You, a virgin will be with child (The impossible is possible with God)
  • He will be great and called the Son of God
  • He will reign and His kingdom will never end
  • Even Elizabeth will be with child in her old age and was barren
  • Nothing is impossible for God
  • ***Mary only had one question for Gabriel. “How can this be, since I am a virgin?” She didn’t ask for a lengthy explanation; Mary completely trusted God’s prophecy.


Luke 7:6-10

  • The centurion sent others to relay his message because he didn’t consider himself worthy to be in Jesus presence
  • Just say the word and it will be done
  • The centurion saw his authority as a lesson in faith
  • Jesus was blown away by the centurion’s  faith. Jesus was so blown away, He told everyone about this man’s faith (would Jesus tell anyone about your faith?)


Luke 17:5-6

  • There is hope
  • All we need is faith the size of a mustard seed
  • God is not asking you to be a champion of faith. Just show Him you have a little faith and He will do the rest.
  • Studying and applying His words creates faith

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