Thought for the day

I apologize As parents we must create a pathway to forgiveness by apologizing to our children when we have wronged them. If our parents did not do the same for us, than we can start anew with our children by creating a legacy of humility. – Lionel Sneed

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10 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. We are the queen and the princess of please forgive me, my girl and I.
    I taught her that whenever she was really small. A friend of mine said they heard Alex say please forgive me and they said she reminded them reminded them of me.
    Coming from one that needs much forgiveness and Grace! Grace them’ I know this one is true because my daughters 21.
    Being a parent is the best calling I could ever had in life!
    Dear friend this is how I started my day reading this affirmation as I wait at the pharmacy for meds for my girl! She fell and injured her knee. As I was waiting I thought of you blog and wondered if there was something here for me today! Yes! Isn’t God good! Man he blows me away! TheRock the rockin! Ya
    Have a super blessed day!


      • Ok thank you I will. I almost stopped today! Can you believe it? I had already decided I was not going to blog so I didn’t today. It took all day to shake a few things. But I’m not stopping I’m sitting here in front of my computer waiting for inspiration! LOL I do that! Never know what is underneath till you sit and wait! 😀 Thank you so much!


  2. This so needed to be said. My parents never apologized to me for anything. I make it a point daily to walk humbly and tell my children that mommy messes up too and I always apologize when I am wrong. I hope your post goes viral!!!


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