Thought for the day

Foot prints“Sometimes we must go backwards before we see the need to move forward.” – Lionel Sneed

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4 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. This is very true. There is a lot of blessing in going backward. I got most of my understanding about life by doing it. I believe on any given day we can forget how far God has brought us and taking a step back can remind us if we look at it the right way.

    People often confuse stepping backward with living in the past but they are two separate things. When we step backward we take a look at our lives objectively, where as living in the past is subjective and metal, with no action to change the situation. Thanks for the subtle reminder.


  2. This is true! Sometimes we have to backtrack to see how we got to where we are! Like 40+ years then we gain clarity and also wisdom. Personally it has been very healing to understand the why’s to the patterns and habits I repeated! For me I needed to know what and how so God could heal my past which readjusted my present and of course ultimately will affect my future! 😄😄


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