Thought for the day

i-wish1Oh how I wish I were just human and not a color.

I wish I was nothing more than a child of God.

I wish this world we live in was quick to forgive and slow to anger.

I wish the voice of reason always gained a higher platform.

I wish all people were judged by the contend of their character, not the color of their skin.

I wish human atrocities that have left deep scars never took place.

I wish I were void of judgement towards others and others void of judgment towards me.

I wish I didn’t see color.

I wish Dr. King’s words were “My reality” instead of “I have a dream.”

I wish my view and belief of the world were still filled with child-like innocence.

I wish 2+2 still equaled 4. Now a days that’s even up for debate….lol.

I wish the world were void of hate.

I wish the power of God’s grace was understood and received by all.

I wish Adam and Eve didn’t eat the fruit.

I wish there was an easy button to erase suffering, hurt and wrongs.

I wish our political and justice system worked as good as the theory of the idea or concept.

I wish the word love wasn’t thrown around so loosely.

I wish the media reported just as much positivity as the negative.

I wish honor, a handshake and your word meant what it use to mean.

I wish “These truths we hold to be self-evident that all men were created equal” were more than words.

I wish the lure of money didn’t have the power to compromise one’s convictions.

I wish we as a nation truly respected the beauty of our differences.

I wish this truly was a government of the people for the people and by the people instead of being accessible for those who fund campaigns.

I wish life were held in esteem regardless to whose life it may be.

I wish the wisdom of our God-given anatomy of TWO EARS AND ONE MOUTH were truly embraced.

I wish my young African-American boys could live in a world were the clothes they wear for warmth (hoodie) were not viewed as a threatening fashion statement.

I wish the words that flow through my mind and fingers would reach hearts and minds that are open to change.

I wish tomorrow will be the beginning of something new.

I wish there were easy solutions to events such as Ferguson.

I wish the reality of another Ferguson wasn’t possible.

I wish we as Christians would act in such a way that the world would look at us and say, “Yes, they are Christians.”

I wish the 90+% of Americans who say they are Christians would come out of hiding.

Oh how I wish, I wish and wish.

In light of all the wishing there is hope. There is hope to believe in a better tomorrow. There is hope that we as a nation can and will overcome. There is hope that in spite of our differences, we ultimately have more in common then that which seeks to divide us.

There will forever be hope because we serve a God who is still in control and in the business of saving souls. The search for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness still reigns in our hearts regardless of race, color or creed. May these powerful virtues reign in your hearts today. In Jesus’ Amen and amen.

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