Thought for the day

family-photo111“The time for family is now for tomorrow isn’t promised even to the one who plans for tomorrow.” – Pastor Lionel

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2 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. Interesting you should post this message today. Earlier this week I got word that another one of my co-workers was found dead in his apartment on or around Christmas day. The holidays bring on more deaths than any other season of the year. He had apparently been deceased for a while. He had a brother but the brother never checked on him or anything. Sad. Goes to show you in this day and age families are not close to each other and don’t really care for or about each other. Single people are expendable. Lately quite a few single people I know have died alone in their apartments. It is more common as time goes on. I just hope he went quickly and did not suffer. Once again he was only in his 50s. David was a good guy, a wonderful co-worker and a nice person. As a single person I shudder to think that one day this might happen to me also. But as my parents used to say, “Tomorrow is not promised to you.”

    Rest in Peace ~~ David Godrey


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