Podcast Wednesday – The “F” word!


Tune into this powerful episode of Podcast Wednesday as Pastor Lionel talks about the “F” word and the power it holds.

If you are in need of prayer (Ephesians 6:18), please click Prayer Request.” I would love to pray for you.

5 thoughts on “Podcast Wednesday – The “F” word!

  1. Great podcast. Wonderful approach to a difficult subject. I’m still estranged from several family members however I finally reached the point where I stopped allowing them to live inside my head. No I don’t see them because of threats and police action we cannot ever see each other due to past violence. So No Contact. Sometimes I do feel pity for them wondering why they could hate my brother and I so much after we all grew up together but Stephen and I will live our lives and they live theirs.

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      • True. I don’t dwell on what happened. One cannot change the past or other peoples minds/opinions. However for my own personal safety and that of my brother Stephen I have been advised Not to contact them. Most of them have criminal records and histories of violence. After all these years I’ve left it go.


      • I meant to type “I hear and feel you” in the previous comment, but that darn auto correct is something else…..lol! I totally agree with you regarding personal safety. Sometimes it’s best to leave a situation be.

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