Thought for the day

“God’s love and grace must compel us to forgive.” – Pastor Lionel

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3 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. I think I am getting closer to the possibility of forgiveness towards my cousins who abused and betrayed me. Sadly drug addicts act out of their own insecurity and abuse suffered as children. The attempts to manipulate, con, and control are their way to grab control of a failure. In many ways I feel some pity for them as their lives spiraling downward.
    Obviously we will never be on speaking terms as my brother Stephen and I have been disowned but as the years pass the pain gradually decreases.

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  2. I understand the reasons why my family members act a certain way. I have been abused and sexually assaulted as a young woman. Therefore life is not the same. Never the same. But I will never blame, abuse, manipulate others based on my past. I don’t so much blame the rapist as I do society especially the church which condones the abuse of women and girls. Churches and workplaces not only condone but encourage and protect abusers plus abusive behavior. Major reason why Christianity and most religions are on shaky ground and yes I’ve been sexually harassed at church so much that I rarely attend. Women are not safe even in God’s house.


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