Podcast Wednesday – No condemnation

When the world seeks to cast the stones of condemnation, Jesus will be there kneeling writing in the sand “Not guilty!” Tune in as Pastor Lionel reveals a simple yet powerful truth about the woman caught in adultery.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast Wednesday – No condemnation

  1. From God No Condemnation. From People lots of condemnation, guilt and shame. My cousins Mom’s in-laws accused her of doing something to make Stephen “That Way.” Meaning Autism comes from something the Mother did while the child was in utero.

    And Don’t ever tell anyone especially Christians that you were sexually abused or in a domestic violence situation. First thing out of their mouths is you did something to provoke him otherwise why would he hit/rape/abuse you. In our society it is always the woman’s fault.

    Unfortunately you come in contact with people everyday. At work, school, church, etc.. It’s a heavy burden that you carry for life. The Silence is deadly. Very difficult to rebuild one’s self-esteem after years of people telling that you’re no good. My mother died an early death thanks to wagging tongues even though she was a good mother and took care of us. She really did Love both Stephen and me. Each day that I get out of bed I must fight against negative thoughts and emotions. It’s like a race to see who will win.


    • Deborah,

      I’m always blown away by your amazing heart to share your testimony. It really touches my heart regarding your transparency and sincerity. Your testimony will help many who have the same or similar story. Keep being the woman of power that you are my sister!

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      • Thanks. Hopefully by sharing my experience another woman or girl will relate. I want to say to all Ladies who have gone through an abusive situation in the final analysis it is not you who is defective no matter what others say. It has taken years for me to drum up the courage to say the things in my heart and mind. To take off the mask and let the real me come through. Over all my life is better. I still have setbacks and triggers but I’m slowly coming to a place where I want to move beyond. I want to have a healthy relationship without all the drama.

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