Thought for the day

“Condemnation only seeks to rob you of the joy, grace, and forgiveness that Jesus paid for with His blood. Use God’s word to powerfully protect what rightfully belongs to you child of God!” – Lionel

3 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. Amen! thanks for that blessing. I have wondered what was the different in condemnation and conviction. After reading your blog i research a little. I think i got it now condemnation is warning and conviction is accusing? If i misunderstood please give me futher insight. God bless…

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    • Condemnation, as it relates to my blog post for today, is referring to feelings of guilt due to behavior. For example, if you did something wrong or sinned in any way, most people usually beat themselves up with guilt over the sin. This brings about a spirit of doubt, rejection and believing God is angry with you because of missing the mark (of course this isn’t true, but Satan uses it as a tool to keep us away from God). Conviction is simply what you believe in and have made up in your mind to adhere to. I hope that helps.

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