3 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. Happy March! Happy Springtime!

    Sunday I’m submitting my artwork for the Union Art Show which will feature 80 artworks created by Union staff of the museum. This show is not funded or sponsored by the museum nor held on museum property in any way and is purely an effort of the Union employees. I am excited about being in the Union Art Show which will featured my Mixed Media Photo Collage. It is an honor and a privilege. I’m also in the process of contacting the V.A. to see if my artworks can be entered into a Veterans Art Show. So far the one I found information on which is featured on my blog is for Veterans who live in a V.A. facility. I’m trying to find out if they have a separate competition for Veterans not living in a V.A. facility. I started working on three more canvasses this past Tuesday and hope to complete them before the month of March ends.

    Finally I have designated and Renamed March known as Women’s History Month to be now called Black HerStory Month. All during the month of March I will be sharing articles about the accomplishments of Black Women especially Black Women Veterans.

    Sp4 DeBorah Ann Palmer
    U.S. Army
    November 1977 to November 1981

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