11 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. Yes with the accident on Sunday this is the end of life as I once knew it. I’m not angry or bitter over the accident. Being angry or bitter will not help me regain my vision. Again I have to accept and adapt. I have a very long extended road ahead of me. I must leave the Blogging world at least for a while. Being on computer screens for a long time is not a good idea. The good news is that in time I will get Workman’s Comp and FMLA. Before me are loads of doctors visits and probably surgery. Many times in this life we are forced to leave behind the things we Love that includes our hopes, dreams and goals for the future. This is a not so new pathway that I must walk. Life can stop you in your tracks and force you into directions that you had not planned. I do feel some disappointment but I keep telling myself that loss is a part of life. I’m grateful for the things I have accomplished in the past. What’s gone cannot be restored. I’m in the process of accepting and adapting to a very different life from the one I envisioned.

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