14 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. Instead of walking my FMLA paperwork over from the main building to my workplace I am now forced to travel in a snowstorm to my Retina specialists office. Human Resources has only given me one day to get my FMLA paperwork completed. It has to be completed by tomorrow otherwise I will Not be allowed to take time off for medical care. Human Resources does not care about my safety.


  2. I have no depth perception so there’s a good chance that I will fall down the subway stairs.
    The left side of my face is off and on numb or extreme pain. I’m taking pain pills like candy. Getting ready to go out into the snow storm. I think God has forgotten about me. I’m not getting the help I need to recover.


      • What have I done wrong that I should be punished? I’ve always tried to be a good employee. Professional. Never late. A team player. I provide great customer service. I obey my bosses. Yet I’m the one suffering? Something is wrong with this picture. If God will tell me what I’m doing wrong then I could fix it. At least apologize. I’ve examined myself over and over trying to find the flaws and faults. I’m willing to change. I’m open to improvement.

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      • This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve done anything wrong. Just means the up’ s, downs and trials of life we all experience at some point in life. The comfort my friend is He is always with you even when it doesn’t feel like He is.

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  3. I called the Veterans administration for assistance. I need the counseling and therapy because I feel like I’m losing my mind. Too much stress and pressure. The lady who answered the phone was kind, considerate and helpful.

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