Powerful insight from Pastor Xavier Guiford

I had to share this powerful word by my good friend Pastor Xavier Guiford

“I’ve oftentimes heard and have prayed myself the phrase “More of God and less of me”, but that diminishes us as Joint Aires with Christ. In my opinion and in my experience the thought behind “less of me” is that the Lord can only receive full glory if I’m out of the equation (that he’ll use me as a vessel absent my conscience or thoughts and emotions), but that was never His intention. It is and always was the Lord’s intention to fellowship and to inspire but to also be inspired by us, He gave us dominion over the earth and one of the 1st jobs of Adam was to name the animals(so he wants to know what we think and our opinions…whoa is that too taboo).God doesn’t diminish us he enhances and multiplies us. He is so potent and powerful and sovereign that He can manifest All of Him through All of Me. We are made righteous through Christ and if we are made righteous we are completely whole and not lacked or diminished before Him and with Him.”Pastor Xavier Guiford

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