Think and Grow in Grace Facebook live chat on “Forgiveness” Part 1

This is a short review of the first part of chapter 8 of “Forgiveness” from Think and Grow in Grace.

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One thought on “Think and Grow in Grace Facebook live chat on “Forgiveness” Part 1

  1. This is a great message. I’m able to forgive strangers, co-workers and neighbors. Family is another story because the hurt goes deep. I’m at the Cross Roads concerning Family Forgiveness. However my family (father’s side ~~ If Daddy was still alive he’d smack all of them) decided to reject both my brother and me. The Estrangement is real but there is not much struggle. There is a bit of anger but not much. Sometimes its best to walk away and not to reignite the flames. Especially if that person or persons are sociopaths and/or psychopaths. Certain people are removed from our lives for our own well-being and personal safety.

    Since I’m home on Medical Leave and have been listening to lots of Christian prayers and TD Jakes. Sometimes you do have to say Good Bye, God Bless you and Let Them Go on your Merry Way.

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