Think and Grow and Grace book chat “From Broken to Beautiful” Part 1

Allow God’s grace to make your broken places whole and beautiful.

5 thoughts on “Think and Grow and Grace book chat “From Broken to Beautiful” Part 1

  1. When I was on medical leave from my job for a little over two weeks even though I was sick I felt vibrant, alive, creative. I was producing art and writing. Went back to work yesterday and realized from once again being badly treated how worthless I was. That I have no value in the workplace.


    • My friend, don’t allow folks who do not see you as anything other than a child of God define your worth. You are priceless in his eyes and in the eyes of your brother in Christ. I am dealing with a similar situation at work, but I realized that My worth has been established by Jesus and I will not stoop to their level. I will pray for them and continue to treat them above reproach.

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      • I will try but cruel people in positions of power have a way of using their authority to crush subordinates. After being abused you do begin to doubt yourself when everything you do is wrong. I’m wondering what I did to deserve being treated like dirt. Perhaps I’ve offended God in some way and this is my punishment. I beg God for his forgiveness and to smile upon me once more.

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      • God isn’t punishing you my friend nor is He even mad at you. We live in a world in which many will not love or treat people with kindness or respect. If they knew who they are in Christ and who He has called them to be, they would treat others with love and respect. I am going through somethings at work also. But this is what I know. God would not allow it if He did not have purpose for my good. In the end, all things will come together for your good.

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  2. I say nothing to the abusive bosses but I do report work conditions to the Union since the harsh treatment is in violation of the New York State Labor and Human Rights Law. Toxic workplaces put not only the workforce but their families in jeopardy. Kids, elderly parents and disabled family members rely on that one person who is taking care of them. Domino effect.

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