5 thoughts on “Think and Grow and Grace book chat “Adversity” Part 1

  1. Your message really spoke to me especially concerning my job situation. Those in authority create a hostile workplace with their words and actions. Obviously I don’t like to be hurt or yelled at but I can’t stand to see my innocent co-workers be bullied and belittled. It hurts me to see others who are doing their best on job be punished for no reason other than your race or ethnic group. After a while you begin to doubt yourself and your abilities.

    I tend to be a sensitive person and after a while I just stop eating because of headaches and stomach aches. My body is not capable of handling stress or situations I cannot fix. My digestive system is a wreck thanks to my workplace. I examine myself again and again always hoping to remove the flaws and failures but I cannot change my skin color nor would I want to. It’s very difficult to be in a place where you have no value.

    However the little tyrant is on vacation for at least two weeks hopefully longer. My co-workers and I are much more relaxed when he’s not there. Work goes smoothly without problems. Hopefully the Little Dictator will find another job and leave so we can be at peace.

    I am on vacation to celebrate my brother Stephen’s 57th Birthday tomorrow. For this week I focus on Stephen and making his birthday wonderful. My desire is for Stephen to have fun and enjoy himself.

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  2. Stephen says, “Thank you very much!”

    I just wanted to point out in my case Adversity has motivated me to increase my Bible scripture reading and pray more often. So that’s the bright side. Getting closer to God.

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  3. Thanks for these wonderful talks. Your messages give me strength to assist my beloved coworkers.
    I pray for my coworkers no matter their race, religion or ethnic group. I will always stand in the gap for anyone who needs me. Jesus Loves everyone of all faiths.

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