3 thoughts on “Think and Grow and Grace book chat “Adversity” Part 2

  1. Good News! Stephen arrived at 4 pm yesterday and after I ordered Pizza via Grub Hub we chowed down. All my aches and pains disappeared. My stomach stopped hurting and I slept well last night. Today we went to see Marvel Avengers Infinity Wars. Good movie!

    We had chicken teriyaki for dinner and we are still eating! The weather has been great since May 1st. Every day in the upper 70s and 80s which is wonderful for Stephen’s Birthday! Today Stephen turned 57 years young! I also gave him the Black Panther prize pack we won.

    Tomorrow we will go to the Natural History Museum to visit the dinosaurs! See the answer to all my physical, emotional, health issues and other problems is having Stephen over which raises my vibrations. With Stephen by my side I feel happy, joyful, peaceful, confident and relaxed. Stephen is healing to my soul. Happy 57th Birthday to my brother Stephen!!

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