Thought for the day

It pains me when I hear people ask the question, “Why did she not come forward when the event happened?” Women do not come forward for the same reason men don’t come forward when sexually assaulted. It’s because of shame and the likelihood of being ridiculed (more so for women). The double standard is obvious and must cease! – Lionel

5 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. Absolutely! Usually the man is in a position of power or authority. Women take great risks in reporting sexual assault. If it occurs in the workplace you can be blacklisted and never work in your field again. At worst you can be stalked, assaulted again or murdered.

    We see this in Bible story, The Rape of Tamar in 2 Samuel. Raped by her half brother and betrayed by her father. The last sentence says she was desolate. Meaning she did Not receive Justice. Tamar live the rest of her life in shame, guilt and scorn. Obviously not much has changed for Women today.


  2. Amen! Most people I know that have that attitude about Dr. Ford, got it from one place – Fox News. The same people have other wrong attitudes as well – which they also get from – Fox News. It’s a horrible station.


      • Yes exactly!! You and I think alike on this! I have thought about this a lot. You know what I think it is? They have made an idol out of conservatism. That’s why there is a hatred and distrust of liberals. It didn’t begin with Trump, but he used it and made it worse. Conservatism has become a culture, mainly to oppose everyone else. It is very sad indeed. And yes not godly at all.

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