One thought on “Thought for the day

  1. Amen. I’ve also been reading about Paul’s Thorn in the flesh.

    People like books have many covers but a Cover is not a story. We must remove the cover, open the book and read.

    I believe my trials, tribulations and troubles make me more sensitive to others. My heart is open to help or just to listen.

    Today I Connected with a Muslim Sister who lost her Aunt, Mother and Father in March. Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on. Believe it or not my Hijabi Sister and I had a great discussion about the Bible and Jesus. Many Muslims are more open minded. We Christians just need to be extra compassionate.
    Standing outside in the sunshine Talking.

    We hugged and parted ways looking forward to seeing each other again.

    I’m Blessed to have several Muslim Women as coworkers and friends. When I worked at the Museum Muslim Ladies would ask me to pray for them.

    Truly Christians and Muslims can be friends. Love knows no religion. We are one.

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