Thought for the day

I remember studying the bible with a brother who was gay. During this time he was going through Aids treatment. The entire journey completely changed me and my perspective on God’s unconditional love. We as Christians must change the way we love by remembering that the love of God truly is unconditional and is for all to receive. We are not to govern who is eligible to receive God’s love, but we are to give and receive it aggressively. Now, that is love and grace! – Lionel

3 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. Amen! The Church must stop demonizing people for their sexual orientation. Something that they were born with like hair and eye color.

    In the gospels Jesus never discuss homosexuality and I’m sure that it existed in those days.

    For way too long the Church has expended its energy on sending people to hell.

    We must show Love and Acceptance. Be more understanding and see life from that person’s perspective.

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