4 thoughts on “Sand in my shoes

  1. Thank you for this timely message. I don’t feel as sad as before. Also God has been using me to help People in my Community. I Live and work in some of the poorest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Homeless people everywhere. Even disabled People are forced into the streets or subway stations. I’ve had some heartbreaking encounters but these are my neighbors. When someone asks me for help I do my best. Sometimes that might mean giving them a dollar, finding the right social services, contacting local elected officials and most of all lending a listening ear. So often in our society where the rich, wealthy and famous are worshipped as gods the poor, blind, disabled, homeless, elderly and Veterans are forgotten.

    I’m doing my best to help a Vietnam Veteran who takes classes at my library. He is sick but a strong stoic man. His wife is in a wheelchair. I have established contacts with the Congressman office and within the VA. I told my fellow soldier that I would not leave him to do battle alone.

    There was a Christian song many years ago, Don’t let a Wounded Soldier die. I told him that I would beat down doors for him and his wife.

    When you get a chance today I wrote a blog Post about a homeless man who sits next to the subway station in my neighborhood. His dog named Bones died. He cried as he told me his story. Society does not recognize the stories of Disabled Veterans, blind people or homeless disabled people but God does.

    All this has put my problems in perspective.

    I just wish that I could do more to help alleviate all of the pain and suffering that I see. Let me know what you think about my blog Post.


      • Thanks. I suppose in a way my own struggles have given me a heart for others. Especially those in worse predicaments. I know what it is to feel alone and abandoned.

        The blind woman who was frightened because she couldn’t find the bus stop. People who have difficulty walking trying to navigate icy winter streets. The homeless man whose dog passed away. Their pain is real. Others might mock but they deserve help and compassion. Mercy. Love.

        Whatever is in my power to do that I must.

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  2. At No point do I blame God for homelessness. The blame goes to the government. New York City has thousands of abandoned buildings that could be refurbished to house the homeless. Especially the disabled homeless. The resources are there but the government allows private developers to make properties into luxury apartments that the average person cannot afford. Blind People, wheelchair users, the mentally ill and of course Veterans should get first priority for safe, clean, pet friendly housing near transportation.

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