7 pm CST – What’s on your mind

Please join me tonight at 7 pm CST! I will be on my good friend Henry Harris’s show What’s on you mind. We will be discussing The Journey towards realizing your dreams.


Lesson outline: “The Journey towards realizing your dream” – What I’ve learned along the way 

  1. Everyone’s journey will look different and utilize different routes
  2. Do it afraid
  3. How do you know if the dream is a God given dream? It will never go away
  4. Provisions will show up along the way. Unlike a GPS device, the bulk of the journey is never pre-planned. You will be fully equipped to improvise along the way.
  5. Don’t share your dream with everyone. If people don’t see what you see, don’t get offended, God gave the vision to you not them.
  6. Pick up motivation and inspiration along the way (David encouraged himself in the Lord)
  7. Write it down and revisit/revise it. Sometimes things change, so be flexible. 
  8. Create a Vision board. Visualizing and feeling what it’s like to have it.
  9. Don’t quit
  10. Learn from and embrace failure
  11. Encourage others along the way and partner up if it compliments the dream
  12. Learn to define and categorize your friends
  13.  The higher you go, the more aerodynamic YOU MUST BECOME
  14. Do something everyday to advance your dream
  15. Take time to reflect and refresh
  16. Proclaim and believe in the power of “I AM.” Words matter and so does your state of mind. Start proclaiming “It’s on it’s way!” 
  17. Focus 
  18. Invest in you
  19. Have a heart to serve
  20. Develop humility and have Gratitude.

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