Peaceful “Say Their Names” protest in North Texas

My post protest thoughts.
The connection was spotty at times. So, I apologize for the video cutting out towards the end. There were a few negative people in cars flipping the bird. But, overall the support was overwhelmingly positive!

“African American Reality in America”

At the dinner table we usually start by blessing the food, talking about what we are grateful for and who we helped today. However, in addition to our dinner tradition, the other day my wife and I discussed (again) with our 13 and 17 year old African American teenage boys the harsh realities of racism and police brutality. We discussed the power of not living in fear, but of being wise, aware of your reality, how to interact with an officer if approached, walking in the neighborhood, socializing with friends and maintaining vigilance in all situations. I wish we lived in a society where my wife and I didn’t have to have these specific conversations centered around the African American male experience and concerns we share as African American parents