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THINK AND GROW IN GRACE book launch count down!

NINE days to go until the OCTOBER 5, 2017 official paperback book launch of “THINK AND GROW IN GRACE!” Tell everyone breathing to get ready!#thinkandgrowingrace




Books by Pastor Lionel


grace-that-availeth-much. book cover777    30 days to amazing grace NEW COVER

Each book will provide powerful insight into God’s amazing grace with exciting spirit filled lessons and quotes by the author. Aggressively experience and step into the freedom of no condemnation as strong holds are broken by God’s life giving message of grace.

To purchase, please click on either image above. Each book is available in Kindle and paperback format. You can purchase 30 days of God’s Amazing Grace in Audio format by clicking on either image above.

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30 days of God's amazing grace

I am SUPER excited to announce that the audio version, yes that’s right, the audio version of my book “30 Days of God’s Amazing Grace” is being produced. The projected release date for this powerful audio book is May 15, 2016.

In the meantime, please visit for a complete listing of my books in various formats i.e. Kindle and paperback. God bless!

** If you are in need of prayer (Ephesians 6:18), please click “Prayer Request.” I would love to pray for you.

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grace-that-availeth-much. book cover777         30 days to amazing grace NEW COVER

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