The Bro. Henry and You Show “Are you in a relationship that has unrealistic expectations?”

Are you in a relationship that has unrealistic expectations? We ALL have a view what a loving relationship should look like, or what we expect from our partners, but is it reality? Although, there is nothing wrong with having expectations in a relationship, having unrealistic expectations can put stress on, and ruin, any relationship. It’s about to GET VERY REAL. Click the play BUTTON.

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The Bro. Henry and You Show


I am honored and deeply humbled to be a quest on the April 30th segment of the “Brother Henry and You show.”  Brother Henry has interviewed the likes of Dr. Maya Angelou, Little Willie and the Gospel Keynotes, Dr. Jamal Bryant from “The Preachers Show”, and Dr. Michael Brown just to name a few. The topic of discussion will center around my book “30 days of God’s Amazing Grace.” As soon as the video is available, I will share it with you. Until then, please pray that God is glorified and the words I speak will bring healing and direction to hearts and minds all over the world.

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