Thought for the day

“To encourage is a choice. Choose to encourage someone today.” – Lionel


Book signing for “Think and Grow In Grace

The first official book signing for Think and Grow In Grace was a huge success! A huge thank you to my beautiful wife and to those who purchased. May God’s grace continue to  embrace you as you powerfully think and grow in grace.

In His grace,


Black History

Dr. Crumpler was the first African-American woman physician in the United States. Born in 1831, Dr. Crumpler first worked as a nurse in Massachusetts between 1852 and 1860, PBS reports. She was accepted to New England Female Medical College and earned an M.D. in 1864, according to Time. She practiced medicine in Boston and Richmond, Virginia, primarily working with the poor, who had limited access to medical care. In 1883, Dr. Crumpler published a renowned book, Book of Medical Discourses In Two Parts, which many believe is the first medical text written by an African-American author, PBS states.