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Think and Grow in Grace

By Michelle Bollom/Restored Ministries – What a beautiful and creative compilation of stories and scripture intertwined to have us think and grow in grace. I loved the personal heartfelt stories that show that God really does penetrate our painful pasts with His undeniable presence and faithful promises. A treasure of a book!

By Redel Leake I have read this book and it has truly blessed my life. The chapter on forgiveness has deepened my understanding of how important it is to ask God to help me to heal from the brokenness of the past. And it has empowered me to truly forgive those who have wronged me in many ways. Putting on the lens of grace has truly been a blessing to me. I am excited about reading this book.

By Jeanie S. There is surely an anointing on this book! I felt the Holy Spirit tugging on my heart as I read deeper about God’s amazing grace for healing the pain in broken places, places that we’ve concealed. I am praising God for spiritual renewal!

By Janice GordonThink and Grow in Grace…Wow, such an amazing read! I was excited about reading this book after seeing the title, but after reading the Chapter on “Faith” I found that this book really exceeded my expectations, it releases the delivering power of God as you get into the Chapters on “Forgiveness” and “From Broken to Beautiful “. A must read!

By Rachel HaugabookThink and Grow in Grace speaks to the awakening of this worlds current mindset on how we should love God, those around us, and empowers its readers to think, feel, and be greater than they have known themselves. This book is motivational at the very least, but more importantly, it reminds every reader that they are capable of a closer, more fulfilling, relationship with their Creator. From this, they are strong when they feel weak, and they are worthy when they feel undeserving. –

By Abbey Johnson I learned about, “Think and Grow in Grace” through a book club of Lionel’s online. Chapter 8 on Forgiveness is a spiritual life preserver because its words are food that nourishes and help keep our relationships. I found his dedication to give hope, comfort and grace to every reader refreshing. Lionel’s receptivity to the Holy Spirit is inspirational. This book will benefit many, regardless of their religious convictions, point in life, or demographic.

By Kris Winton Pastor Lionel’s new book, ‘Think & Grow in Grace’, delivers a powerful message of hope and faith. The truth of his words will awaken a desire in you to learn more about God’s powerful message of grace. This is definitely a book you will want to reach for daily as a source of encouragement in your own walk with Jesus Christ our Savior.

By Eric M./Marney Ministries – In this book, Lionel helps bring understanding with the application of God’s Grace to so many areas of our lives! Good revelation and definitely worth multiple readings as you go through seasons of growth throughout your life! Wonderful book, a must for the reading list!

By Tracye E. Nance-Byrd – Think and Grow in Grace is like manna from heaven, this book is beautifully and masterfully written, full of wise counsel, life changing experiences, and the concisely articulated, consummated, road map to successfully acquire the foundational principles in living a free life through Christ Jesus.

Author, Lionel Sneed, skillfully brings to the forefront the keys to God’s grace, faith, and forgiveness that we may continually have access to the grace of God throughout our walk with him.

He ushers in God’s glorious light with biblical truths and dispels traditions and darkness that keeps us in paradigms of lack. Equipping yourself with this book will enable you, the reader, to take hold of powerful kingdom truths of living a free life through Christ Jesus.

The ‘Grace thoughts for the day’ outlined are not mere methodologies to follow in order to obtain something; but, they are principles for the lifestyle that Christ has called us to for everyday living. Through diligent meditation and instruction from the Holy Spirit, it is evident that this book was crafted to enlighten the reader with several spiritual truths.

After reading these truths it opened my heart to some fresh and exciting realities. These truths are now activated in my heart and serve as a guide for a greater walk with God while also stirring up my heart to a place of greater depths in God. Once qwe231this book becomes a part of your expanding library it will change your life, and cause an awakening to be birthed in you. Simply said, it’s a blessing to read and highly recommended!

By Becky – This Book Was Put In My Path By God’s Perfect Timing! I listened to this book while praying through a season of waiting. Your story of acting in faith financially the day of your wedding struck me. It reminded me of the importance of acting in faith as though God had already answered my prayer. Thank you for allowing God to use you to speak to me!

30 Days of God’s Amazing Grace

30 days of God's amazing grace

By Rebecca I happened upon this book at a very trying time in my life. Lionel Sneed offered so much hope and his message of God’s grace was a part of what carried me through. Thank God for bringing authors like this to speak His truth.

By Christy A.Love this; I may read it again.

By Dawn L. – “Jesus told his disciples, look you saw the difficulties I experienced during my time with you. So, if the son of man was persecuted, how much more will you experience persecution for my name?” – Yesss, so true the things we go through. Reading my uncle’s book. I love it! Thanks, uncle Lionel.

By Margaret C.This is a wonderful life-changing book. I just got it on Kindle. Amazon UK!

Grace That Availeth Much

By DanaGreat book filled with grace!

By Kristi – This book is based on God’s word. Very well written and easy to follow. Definitely a good read- you won’t be disappointed!

By Pastor Brandon Pollard, Lead pastor of Grace for Eternity Church – Lionel takes you on a beautiful journey with revealing the grace he has experienced in his life. His passion for his wife and his two sons is an amazing reflection of what Christ’s love for his body looks like. This book will pull back the curtains of doubt to reveal and open a window of the grace of Jesus Christ. You will absolutely enjoy being refreshed by reading this book!