Thought for the day

The other day I was contemplating if I wanted to continue my blog. Then, God did something that only He can which is to encourage and direct your foot steps with certainty. Shortly after I thought about ending my blog, I received this email from a stranger that read:

Hi Pastor Lionel,

I came across your ministry website randomly, and was encouraged by your posts! My family and I are in North texas, so just wanted to reach out to say thank you for your works, and to keep up the Lord’s work.

My name is John, and I work as a freelance graphic designer with a heart for non profits of all sizes. I enjoy meeting new people with a passion for Jesus, and making connections. So thought I would say hi.

I pray this finds you and your family well, and to know your works reach all corners of the kingdom!

God bless,

Yes, perhaps John was trying to position himself for business, but I realized God was using that to tell me to keep moving forward and to encourage others around the globe. So, I say thank God and thank you to John. God is always on time and faithful. – Lionel